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We do not supply rental cars for any service or warranty work we are providing.





Lazzaro Performance, Inc. warrants that it repair or replace at Lazzaro Performance, Inc. option, free of charge, during usual working hours, at Lazzaro Performance, Inc., address listed below, any remanufactured engine found to be defective in materials or workmanship.


Complete remanufactured engines for passenger and non-commercial light trucks are warranted from the date of sale for 12 months or unlimited miles.


Shortblock remanufactured engines for passenger and non-commercial light trucks are warranted from the date of sale for 90 days or 4,000 miles whichever occurs first.


Marine, Truck and industrial engines will be warranted for 90 days from the date of sale, no mileage. Please note however that marine, industrial, stationary unit, emergency vehicles, vans, boats, and motor home engines must be removed from the chassis and returned to Lazzaro Performance, Inc.  address, freight prepaid, for warranty work. Warranty foes not allow for removal and reinstallation of these engines.


Warranty is to the original purchaser and not transferable.


Because of the great variety of engines, it is the installer’s responsibility to verify interchangeability of remanufactured engine with the one to be replaced. Installer must notify Lazzaro Performance, Inc. prior to installation as no labor will be paid for removal and replacement of wrong engine.


In the event that outside labor is necessary, $30.00 per hour maximum labor rate will be allowed on any claim, time based on 60% of machines flat rate manual time shown per job. However, factory approval and authorization must be obtained prior to the commencement of any outside labor. In not event shall over $250 labor be allowed on any claim.


Claims must be made within a reasonable time upon discovery of defect to Lazzaro Performance, Inc. Address and telephone listed below.


Lazzaro Performance, Inc. does not warrant its remanufactured engines for failure to misuse, alterations, or lack of proper maintenance; damage caused by fuel flooding of engine cylinders, faulty ignition or spark timing, poor quality fuel and lubricants, and abnormally low level of engine oil or coolant; damage caused by oil dilution; damage caused by emission control or fuel system components or modification to these components; damage caused by “detonation” or “pre-ignition”, damage caused by foreign objects in engine.(This included dirt or contaminants caused by poor filtration of oil or air); damage caused directly by cooling system freezing or over heating or continued operation of engine in overheated condition; failure resulting from racing, sustained high speed use, acceleration trials, wide open throttle operation, high speed acceleration or shifting transmission at high RPM or unreasonable abusive use; failure caused by pulling a trailer or another vehicle unless vehicle is equipped for this is recommended by OEM; damage resulting from failure of a component not supplied by Lazzaro Performance, Inc.; damage resulting from failure to pre-oil engine; blown head gasket; and installation caused failures.


Lazzaro Performance, Inc. shall have no responsibility for towing or car rental charges; storage charges, loss of time, inconvenience, lodging, food or other incidental or consequential damage that may result from a failure; for any allied or connected expenses arising out of loss of use of the vehicle during the time it is being repaired or serviced, or any delay arising therefrom, including but not limited to, inconvenience, aggravation, or loss of economic opportunity resulting from failure of any component or part of the engine; for diagnostic time and travel time.


Lazzaro Performance, Inc. makes no other warranties expressed or implied. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness are limited to the duration set forth in this written limited warranty.


Any part alleged to be defective must be returned to Lazzaro Performance, Inc. for inspection. Lazzaro Performance, Inc. reserves the right to make the sole decision concerning the warranty.


Should an engine or attached parts be damaged in shipment, no labor allowance will be made. Our responsibility ceases upon acceptance by the customer or common carrier.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


After reading the above you should be advised that this warranty is a limited warranty and not an unconditional warranty against all failures.


Lazzaro Performance, Inc.

1712 State Route 104

Ontario, NY 14519



Please read our suggestions to avoid premature engine failure. A copy of the limited warranty and suggestions are packed with each remanufactured engine.



Suggestions on items to look for when installing a replacement engine to avoid early engine failure.


1. Compare replacement engine with one being removed to be sure they are exactly the same.


2. When installing crank pulley, turn engine to number one position, install crank pulley, and check timing mark indicator, as to TDC (possible rubber mount pulley slippage).


3. All related parts should be thoroughly cleaned - - such as pan, timing cover, intake manifold, etc.


4. If original engine has blown and scattered pieces such as piston particles, thoroughly inspect intake manifold for foreign material to avoid damage to replacement engine.


5. Check intake manifold for cracks, remove heat shield and inspect.


6. Check exhaust system back to tail pipe to avoid back pressure. Make sure heat riser functioning properly.


7. Make sure you install a new oil pump or rebuild oil pump assembly contained in timing cover. Make sure housing in timing cover is not worn creating reduced pressure situation.


8. Always install new lifters with short block


9. On V-8 intake manifold, such as Ford 390, 400 or Olds 350, gasket should be well sealed so that oil will not seep into combustion chamber. Make sure the intake manifold is not warped.


10. When installing heads on short block, do not over torque cyl. head bolts. Re-torque cyl. head in proper sequence. Make sure that head bolts are clean and that they do not bottom out.


11. On engines that require adjusting rockers, this should be done before starting engine to avoid damage to camshaft. Also, check to see that push rods do not bottom out lifter plunger - - or that plunger does not touch retainer clip.


12. Check motor mounts for oil soak and parting of rubber from metal.


13. On those engines with oil pump hex shaft, replace hex shaft. Also, check bottom of distributor for rounding as new hex shaft will not turn if it is too loose.


14. Make sure that dip stick and dip stick tube are the proper length to register required amount of engine oil.


15. Make sure crank case is filled to proper capacity and radiator is full of coolant.


16. Use only motor oil conforming to factory specifications.


17. Make sure that radiator is filled and that there are no air locks.


18. Radiator should be rodded or replaced with new 100% full flowing radiator. Flushing old radiator is not good enough.


19. Set timing to factory specs.


20. Check radiator cap.


21. Install new PVC valve, EGR valve and make sure smog devices are installed and functioning properly.


22. Check distributor and rebuild if necessary.


23. Install new spark plugs of proper heat range.


24. Install new heater hoses, radiator hoses, belts, water pump, thermostat, temperature sending unit.


25. Replace oil, air and fuel filters.


26. Replace fan belts.


27. Inspect fan clutch for proper operation.


28. Re-torque cyl. heads after engine has reached operating temperature.


29.  Always replace oil cooler, do not attempt to clean it.


Remember - - you want to give your remanufactured engine a chance to live a long and trouble free life. Protect your investment and install it properly. An improper installation will normally lead to premature engine failure.



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