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Did you know we pick up and deliver to any garage or business within a 30 mile radius?!


1. Complete Engine Overhaul

                        - remanufacturing of all foreign and domestic automotive engines

                         - remanufacturing of all Inboard and Inboard/Outboard marine engines

                        -  Remanufacturing of all Light duty industrial engines

                         - New Performance Racing and Street engines

 2. Precision Cylinder Boring and Honing of

                         -  all 2 stroke engine blocks

                         - all single cylinder 4 stroke blocks

                          - all automotive, marine and industrial 4, 6, 8, 10,and 12 cylinder engine blocks

3. Cylinder Head Work

                         - complete valve jobs

                         - coolant leak testing

                        - milling and porting

4. Precision Crankshaft Work

                        - grinding and superfinishing

                        - computerized balancing

                         - magnafluxing (crack detection)

                        - crankshaft straightening

5. Precision Connecting Rod Work

                        - rebuilding of connecting rod big end

                        - rebushing of connecting rod small end

                        - magnafluxing

                         - connecting rod balancing

                        - removal and installation of pistons onto connecting rods

6. Parts Cleaning

                         - thermal cleaning and shotblasting of all engine parts

                        - hot tank service

                        - media blasting service

7. Other

                        - light press work (hydraulic and manual)

                        - light welding work

                        - removal and installation of engines for all foreign and domestic automobiles

                        - removal and installation of all marine engines

                        - carburetor rebuilding

                        - distributor rebuilding


We do not supply rental cars for any service or warranty work we are providing.

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